Crystal Blueprint

Not sure which crystals to buy?

Are you interested in them, but afraid that you'll buy the wrong ones?

Worried that the crystal you bought won't actually help you with the thing you actually bought it for?

As your Crystal Advisor I recommend crystals for your specific intention. 

The Crystal Blueprint is a personalized Crystal menu curated just for you, based on what you want to bring into your life.

Review your Crystal Blueprint and you'll be ready to start your crystal shopping adventure with confidence!

Answer a few questions and receive your personalized Crystal Blueprint which includes:

  • A menu of 3-5 crystals that support your intention.
  • Receive a full overview of each crystal.
  • Learn their attributes.
  • Understand their healing properties.
  • Know which Chakras they support.
  • Be prepared before you shop!
  • Order crystals and crystal jewelry with confidence!

Think of this as a Crystal Interview - I'll review and find the best candidates for you!

Your Crystal Blueprint will be sent within 3 business days of placing your order and answering the short questionnaire!


$25 (USD)