Wild Soul Movement Events

Individual sessions tailored to your event or retreat. 

Wild Soul Movement melts away everything that’s ever made you feel wrong, ashamed, less than, or unsafe in your sacred body. It’s not about working out, it’s about working in.

Wild Soul Movement is a grounded and loving practice designed to get you out of your head and into your body. Together we will redefine the rules, expectations, culture and conditioning that have separated you from your body. This is a path to power, trust and freedom within. It’s the permission and stability you’ve been craving.

The journey of being a woman, falling in love with our bodies, and owning our power is not something that can be done alone.  Class is a sacred space where any woman can find and be herself. 

It all starts here, with a strong community of women who are brave enough to stand up and say yes to a new way.

Typically WSM is a 12 week program that uses sensuality, movement, and mantras to cultivate body connection, trust, love and acceptance.

We will pick the topic(s) that resonate with your theme to build sessions that support your mission.


There are four topics and 12 mantras that make up the WSM framework. Each class is 90 minutes and will focus on these four topics:

SURRENDER + RELEASE – Let go of what no longer serves you

TRUST + RECEIVING – Balance the arts of giving and receiving

WILD DREAMING + DESIRE – You are worthy of wild success

LOVE + CREATION – Embody your power and creative abilities

* Attendees will need a yoga mat and a journal. This practice is for all fitness levels.