Soul Activation: $397

Feel connected, grounded, and aligned with your soul. Reawaken that part of you who is confident, divinely alive, wild, and free.

  • Clear blocks that have been keeping you from moving forward in your life
  • Accelerate manifestation that's trying to come to you
  • Heal past wounds by releasing energy that no longer serves you
  • Allow trust and faith to serve you and bring you peace
  • Dissolve obstacles in your path to love and happiness
  • Restore your confidence and release the need for approval outside of yourself
  • Release guilt and shame from your self care, sacred space, or personal boundaries

This is for one session which is:

  • 60 Minute intention setting phone call
  • One Activation
  • 60 Minute post-activation phone call
  • Two weeks of email support after the second call


Christine's intuition was bang on and her essence and light on the other end of the phone was magical.

— C.C.

My intention in the session with Christine was to be able to sit with a feeling of abundance and to experience the clearing of road blocks that may be preventing me from truly embodying abundance. During the session, I had a fantastic experience of being connected to the higher vibrational realms. Today, I have had a number of work miracles, and they continue to pour in. Clients that I worked with previously, but haven't heard from for a while are calling me and people I've never worked with are calling me as a result of referrals. Even as I type this, I just got another email from an old client asking if I would help him with a new issue.


In the stable calm atmosphere of Christine's heart I was easily able to access a buried treasure within my own. 



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