Angel Card Reading

Guardian Angel2.jpg
Guardian Angel2.jpg

Angel Card Reading


Do your angels and spirit guides have something they want you to know?

Have you felt unsure of your next step?

Are you on the right path?


Do you need guidance from above?

Have a question you'd like to ask your angels?

Wouldn't it feel good to get guidance from your guardian angels?

Oracle Cards are an ancient way to connect with Heaven and your angels or spirit guides.

I tune in to channel messages from your angels or spirit guides as I pull cards for you. The imagry from the cards and the messages from spirit merge beautifully to provide you further insight into your life and your purpose. 

This offering is for an oracle card reading with messages from your angels and/or guides. I'll ask spirit to come in for the reading and provide the information you need to know right now. You'll also have an opportunity to ask a question when you place your order. 

Once you complete your order your reading will be delivered via email within 5 business days.

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