Soul Connection sessions connect you to your inner wisdom. A fast track to information and healing you need to take the next step towards your truth; claiming your  personal power.

Your own intuition will help your consciousness expand to accept the energy on the deepest level that needs healing. Each session the healing works layer by layer, going deeper and expanding your energy capacity. As your energy expands it is easier for your body, mind, and soul to heal.

It's like going for a walk to clear your mind; after the walk you feel like you have extra room in your mind and your body to re-focus and get back to work. After a session you have more energy then you had when you started, and more room to handle life in a balanced, thoughtful way.

Your session is always lovingly and completely tailored for you, your intentions, and your greatest need at the time.

During a session I'll receive messages for you from your guides or guardian angels who like to come through and help you on your healing path. 

In-person appointments are available at The Center, Life In Balance in Medford, New Jersey. 

Each session lasts approximately 60-90 minutes. You are a unique being and each session will vary based on your needs that day. 

My goal each session is to identify my clients needs and channel Reiki or Universal Life Force Energy to increase their energy field. 

Here's what my clients have to say...

I have been disconnected from my body and in my head for a very long time so wasn’t certain if I would feel anything. Boy was I wrong. The energy was grateful to know Christine and be able to receive of her gifts.
— CB
Never did this before Christine...and I can’t believe the alignment.
— SR
I could feel my energy shift right from the beginning of our session and felt my stress fall away!
— KT

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