Your soul desires more. You want alignment and self expression that ignites your soul purpose. 

You've been seeking. Looking everywhere. Taking courses, attending retreats, buying things. 

But none of that has worked. Following other people's blueprints hasn't worked.

In order to find and express your soul purpose, you need to have choices available that make YOU feel alive.


Of course you're alive, but do you FEEL alive?

Do you feel grounded, connected, and tuned in?

Do you feel confident, powerful, and in charge of your life?

Do you feel light and enlightened with all the choices that life has to offer you?

These feelings are all found on the path to discover your soul. This is your unique journey inward, towards your light, your greatest desires, your wisdom, and your wild success. 

Your unique journey, created and designed by you.

Are you ready to awaken your power, purpose, and self confidence? 

The blueprint to your journey lies inside of you, waiting for your inner Pathfinder to reveal it and take that first step. 

As a Pathfinder, you'll take the first step on your journey to:

  • Stop feeling stuck so you can move forward in your life
  • Manifest abundance and release the fear of never having enough
  • Forgive and heal past wounds because you're tired of carrying them around
  • Release what no longer serves you because obligation feels heavy
  • Dissolve obstacles that stand in your way and block your every move 
  • Reclaim your self confidence because you know that you are meant for more
  • Release the guilt you have for making time to take care of yourself
  • Allow more love, trust, and faith in yourself
  • Receive the love you deserve in all of your relationships
  • Identify and plug energy leaks that leave you exhausted and depleted

Are you tired of searching for that *thing* your soul is craving? 

Are you ready to make your happiness a priority?

Are you're ready to become the Pathfinder your soul has been searching for? 


Intuition Affirmation Program

This program will show you how to ground yourself and open yourself to receive your personal wisdom AND put it to practical use. 

Crystal Essentials

New to Crystals? Learn which Crystals to buy & how to care for them if you're just starting out.