Inner Wisdom Oracle Card Certification

This program is for the beginner who wants to understand how to work with Oracle Cards OR for the person who wishes they had more confidence in their readings.

This certification program will fully prepare you to be an Oracle Card reader!

In this class you will learn how to:

·       Clear and activate your Oracle Card deck.

·       Trust your inner wisdom (your intuition.)

·       Find your primary way of receiving messages from the divine.

·       Be a clear channel for readings.

·       How to clear your energy before and after readings.

·       Give yourself permission to set a safe, high vibrational space to connect with the divine.

·       Use different spreads for specific readings.

·       Read the cards for yourself and others (if you wish) with confidence.

You’ll have real life practice over the course of the six weeks which will give you confidence in your readings, whether there for you, a family member or a potential client.

Class size will be kept small so everyone will receive personalized attention.

At the conclusion of the program you will receive an Inner Wisdom Oracle Card Certification suitable for framing.

Facilitator: Christine Juckett, Certified Angel Card Reader & Certified Angel Intuitive