Discover Your Intuition With Music

A course to find where your inner wisdom lives. 

Bring conscious awareness to your body.

Validate and trust your intuition.

4 week course, delivered straight to your inbox!

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Have you ever dismissed your intuition?

Have you ever silenced your inner voice even though you KNOW it's right?

Have you ever had anything like this happen to you...

Had a gut feeling that you dismissed and later regretted not acting on it.

You knew that you shouldn't trust someone but talked yourself into giving them the benefit of the doubt - and they ended up deceiving you.

A little voice in your head told you to grab your umbrella as you left the house, but you ignored it and got soaked on your way home from work. 

You just knew not to take the highway but you did anyway, and paid for it by sitting in traffic for too long!

Those messages are intuitive nudges that your body uses to help you navigate through life.

When we're young we automatically trust those nudges.

When you don't honor your inner wisdom, you're reinforcing the fact that you don't trust yourself. 

You're distancing yourself from....yourself and you don't even know it.


Here's What You'll Learn

7 Main Chakra Energy Centers

7 Main Chakra Energy Centers

The Chakras

Learn about the seven primary energy centers that run through the center of your body.

Your chakras regulate energy flow through your body. 

Learning about your chakras will help you to feel where and where your inner wisdom speaks to you the loudest.

You'll discover the location of each of your 7 main chakras and learn what each one does.


Energy Awareness

Bring awareness to your personal power by observing how each chakra feels in your body.

You will uncover into a new level of awareness and self confidence. Your chakras are the GPS to your soul.

Learn your body's signals and messages and practice trusting what it tells you.


Fun With Music

Music has a profound impact on our emotions and can help clue us in to where our personal wisdom speaks to us the loudest.

 You'll use your favorite music to learn how the wisdom of your body works.

Our divine souls speak to us all the time, we just need to take time to listen.