Wild Soul Movement, where my healing began.

When I was little, I had a strong sense that I was responsible for other people’s feelings. I remember adjusting my feelings, actions and behavior to keep the people around me comfortable. Like I was responsible for cutting unhappiness off at the path and could not allow it to touch anyone around me. It was my job to throw up a shield so that nothing negative could get through.

No one asked me to do this, there was no trauma in my life that forced me to feel this way. It was something that I did naturally. I remember feeling so strongly responsible for the happiness of everyone around me. I was doing this without the other people (or really even myself) being aware of it. When people weren’t happy or comfortable or in a good mood I felt so horribly guilty, like I’d failed at something really important. I didn’t understand why I felt that way, it was just normal to me to have those feelings.

What that meant for me is that I was reactive to situations and the people around me. I operated from an external perspective, meaning I didn’t use my inner wisdom to navigate life for myself. I used my intuition to tap into how other people felt and lived experiencing life outside of myself. I was an emotional chameleon, changing and adapting to the feelings of everyone else without ever knowing how to consider my own feelings.

When I started to realize that I wasn’t really factoring myself into my daily life, I started asking myself how I felt and what I wanted. At first I didn’t know how I felt. When I asked myself questions, I heard crickets. I didn’t know how to tap into my feelings. I didn’t know how to go in.

Not knowing how to source my own answers around this was really hard for me. I had been fairly successful in my personal and professional life. I was a responsible adult and felt like I should have been able to know how I feel.

As only the Universe can do, as I started looking for ways to know who I was, how I felt, what my desires were, I discovered Wild Soul Movement! She taught me how to uncover my feelings and follow them to my own personal truth.

Before my trajectory was based on everyone else’s needs. Since discovering Wild Soul Movement, I’ve found my own orbit, been able to reconnect my body & mind and discover the best ways for me to tap into my own wisdom.

I now understand that I am a natural space holder for people and that when people need room to connect to their own wisdom they come to me and I help them do that. That’s why I named my business Lady of Sanctuary, because I hold a safe, sacred space for those who need my help. Without Wild Soul Movement, I'm not sure if I ever would have learned that about myself.

If you’ve been looking for a way to build a path to your wisdom, Wild Soul Movement is it.

You can find a Wild Soul Movement class near you on the Events Page or contact me directly for one-on-one sessions.

 If you live outside of the New Jersey/Philadelphia area check out the Wild Soul Movement Events Page. Elizabeth DiAlto is the creator of Wild Soul Movement and has events scheduled throughout the US and the rest of the world!