Intuition - Yes You Have It

I started learning to trust my intuition by using crystals.

The reason why I like using them is because they provide immediate feedback about the energy that I am feeling.

Every Wednesday I gift crystal readings in the Crystal Sanctuary Facebook group. One of the reasons I do that is that when you get a reading you can choose to lean in and trust the energy that is coming through for you.

Developing your intuition requires trust and practice. And yes, intuition is a skill that you absolutely, totally, 100% have.

Recall a time when something didn’t feel right to you. 

When something wasn’t sitting right with you. 

Did you stop & tune in to how you felt? And did you take action on your gut feeling, your intuition?

Or instead did you push it aside and tell yourself that you’re being dramatic, or irrational, or making it up?

And then what happened?

Did you wish you’d listen to your gut, your intuition?

I can’t tell you how many times that happened to me before I finally started listening to myself.

Intuition is a skill that we all have, it just has to be developed, tended to, and trusted. 

Rather than kick yourself every time you decide not to listen to your gut, start trusting and leaning into that intuition. That divinity that lives inside of you, that guides you, even when your mind is telling you to follow the rules of “I should”. Start to trust your intuition.

If you’ve been using your intuition as a guide, keep doing that, keep leaning in. Keep trusting.

If you aren’t sure how to start trusting your intuition, start small. Start by asking yourself “no pressure” questions. What I mean by that is if you decide to use your intuition to answer a certain question, make it easy for you to trust your answer. You don’t want to ask a question that has huge consequences right away, you need to build your confidence.

If you need some help or have any questions, please feel free to reach out. You can connect with me here or on Facebook.

Kisses of light,