Introduction to Your Chakras

Chakra in Sanskrit means wheel or disc. The center of your body contains seven main chakras positioned vertically from the bottom of the spine through the top of the head.

Each chakra relates to certain aspects of your life and increases in spiritual functionality as they ascend up the body.

While each chakra has its specific role, they all work together to keep you healthy, balanced, and full of life force. When one becomes imbalanced your life force is diminished.

Energy healing practices like Reiki help to restore life force and re-balance the chakras.

Chakra Overview.jpg

1st – Root Chakra: Survival, security, connection with Earth and feeling grounded.

2nd – Sacral Chakra: Emotions, sexuality, creativity.

3rd – Solar Plexus Chakra:  Personal power.

4th – Heart Chakra: Love of yourself and others.

5th- Throat Chakra: Speaking your truth, listening to others.

6th – Third Eye Chakra: Intuition, imagination.

7th – Crown Chakra: Connection to Source

Now you can identify your chakras and start to notice the energy centers in your body!