Crystal Jewelry Care and Activation

Wearing crystal jewelry is an effective way to support yourself energetically. Knowing how to activate and care for the crystals is also an important part of making sure that they can provide the energetic support that you need. 

Before wearing any crystal for the first time I suggest that you clean it to ensure that any energy picked up before you received it is cleared before wearing. You can learn about cleaning your crystals in the Free Crystal Essentials guide in the Free Training page of

Angelite Crystal Essential Bracelet

Angelite Crystal Essential Bracelet

Activate and Partner With Your Crystal

  1. Hold your jewelry in your hands and visualize your highest self, the part of you connected to the purity of your self, the universe, and source. Allow this vision to surround the jewelry.
  2. As you wear your jewelry, continue thank it for its energetic partnership. I like to thank mine as I wear it as well as when I put it on and take it off. 
  3. While wearing the jewelry, recall the image and feelings you had when you were visualizing your higher self fully connected to source. 
  4. Clean and the crystal to recharge the energy at least once a month or more depending on how frequently it's worn. As you become more acquainted with the crystal you'll feel the energetic shift once it's time to clear the energy. 

Keep It Simple

Since you'll need to clean and clear the energy of your crystals quite often, it's helpful to keep it simple or you'll find yourself procrastinating and putting it off .

Incorporate this into rituals or daily routines that you already have set up, there's no need to go out of your way to incorporate a new ritual around this (unless you want to.)

At first it may be easiest to cleanse your jewelry at the same time you clean all your other crystals. For example, if you're already laying all of your crystals out during the full moon for clearing, then lay your jewelry out at that time too. 

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